Vitmossen, Vöyri

Vöyri’s Vitmossen remains we in spring, and is a natural spring migration resting place for birds. Unfortunately Vöyri has always dried up before the nesting season.

The Sotka Wetlands Restoration Agreement, to be implemented in the summer of 2022, will help to retain water in the area long enough to allow the wetland to also serve as a nursery habitat for, for example, widgeon.

Funds raised through the Foundation for Vitmossen will be channelled as part of the wetland agreement with Sotka Wetlands to support the landowners’ co-payment. The funds raised will be used to purchase the hay and flower seed mixtures needed to restore the Vitmossen, and to purchase a regulating well together with the needed pipes.

Once restored, the Vitmossen marsh will serve not only as an important resting place but also as a breeding habitat for waterfowl!

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