Creating wetlands one purchase at a time!

The profits from the sales of The Wetter the Better products of the Finnish Game Foundation are directly directed to the restoration of wetland and peatland areas around Finland. Every shirt sold makes a difference!

Support products of the Finnish Game Foundation

What are support products?

The Wetter the Better range is a collection of T-shirts, hoodies and multi-purpose and durable fabric bags created by the Finnish Game Foundation for the restoration of wetlands and marshes. The products are made from recycled fibres and water-saving materials by Pure Waste, a Finnish company, and are strong, durable and long-lasting. Profits from the sale of The Wetter the Better products will play an important role in restoring our northern wetlands and marshes and restoring waterfowl nesting and breeding habitats. The products are printed with a stylish Northern Habitats – The Wetter the Better graphic by Asmo Raimoaho.

The Finnish Game Foundation aims to restore several former peat production areas in North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu during 2024-2026 with private and EU JTF funding. JTF funding provides very significant support for restoration that effectively multiplies the impact of the funds we raise through subsidised products and our Sorsabonus card for environmental work. Every euro raised contributes to our habitat work with a multiplied value!

What is the Finnish Game Foundation?

The Finnish Game Foundation was established in 1942 and produces the annual Finnish Game publication, supports game and forestry students with scholarships and raises funds for habitat and research projects. The Finnish Game Foundation also restores wetland and marshland sites around Finland to support declining waterfowl species and biodiversity.

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By ordering a Sorsabonus card, you directly support our activities.

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Every euro donated helps wetlands, lowlands and waterfowl. You can donate the amount you want by online payment, MobilePay or SMS.