The Foundation

The purpose of the Finnish Game Foundation is to promote and support the development of game management in Finland. The Foundation publishes the annual Suomen Riista – publication in cooperation with the Finnish game researchers and awards annual scholarships to young game researchers for their academic work. In addition, the Foundation actively raises funds for the restoration of game habitats and to finance individual research projects.

The Foundation was established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Finnish Hunters’ Association. The Foundation works in close cooperation with the Natural Resources Institute of Finland, the Finnish Wildlife Agency and the Finnish Forestry Agency.

Habitat management

We are working to combat biodiversity loss. Passive protection is not always enough to restore habitats.

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Operating methods

Our activities support habitat and game management work for game, game research and monitoring of game populations.

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Waterfowl are an ecologically diverse group of species. Management measures such as invasive predation and habitat restoration have different effects depending on the species, but all measures aimed at improving waterfowl habitat conditions have a role to play. Hannu Pöysä, Natural Resources Institute Finland


The Finnish Game Management Foundation has been working since 1942 for the benefit of Finnish game management and research, initiated by and in response to the needs of hunters.


The Foundation annually awards small scholarships to young researchers. The majority of scholarships are awarded to university students (pro-graduate scholarships) and doctoral students, but scholarships are also awarded annually to students at forestry schools.

Finnish Game

Suomen Riista is an internationally renowned publication in the field of game science, containing a comprehensive review of the latest results in game animal research.

The Board

The Foundation’s affairs are managed and represented by a seven-member Board of trustees elected for two calendar years at a time.

Four of the members are representatives of the State and three of the Finnish Hunters’ Association – Finlands Jägarförbund ry. The State representatives, one of whom must represent the Finnish Wildlife Agency, one the Natural Resources Institution of Finland, one Metsähallitus and one the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, are appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The representatives of the Finnish Hunters’ Association – Finlands Jägarförbund ry shall be appointed by the Board of the Association. The Board shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman from among its members for a term of office.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Finnish Hunters’ Association – Finlands Jägarförbund ry each elect one auditor and one deputy auditor each year to audit the Foundation’s accounts and activities.

The board of trustees 2021–2022

Jani Pellikka, Special Researcher, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Jaska Salonen, Account Manager, Finnish Hunters’ Association

Pekka Julkunen, Special Class Teacher, Finnish Hunters’ Association
Ahti Lukkaroinen, Quality Management Manager, Finnish Hunters’ Association
Ahti Putaala, Senior Inspector, Metsähallitus
Jarkko Nurmi, Head of Game Management, Finnish Wildlife Agency
Mikko Peltonen, Research Director, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry