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The vast majority of our environment is under human influence and biodiversity is in constant decline. Passive conservation is not always enough to compensate for human activities, so active restoration is needed.

Northern pintail ·  Ninety-five per cent of the breeding pintails in the European Union breed in Finland. In Finland, pintails thrive in the northern lowlands and on the shores and archipelago of the Bothnian Sea the population of pintail has declined sharply in recent decades. → Read More!


By restoring natural habitats for breeding, feeding and resting areas, we are supporting wildlife populations and increasing biodiversity and helping to prevent the sixth extinction wave.


We work by following the latest research information in partnership with researchers and other experts. We closely monitor the effectiveness of our projects.

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Towards the spring and new wetland sites!

At the end of 2022, the SOTKA wetlands completed the restoration work on the last site supported by the Foundation to await the coming spring and the lifting of the water! Habitat restoration is extremely important work and has an impact at the level of the whole migration route!

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Studies show that wetland species benefit widely from habitat restoration, whether they are game species or red-listed threatened bird species. Sari Holopainen, University of Helsinki


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Every euro donated helps wetlands, lowlands and waterfowl. You can donate the amount you want by online payment, MobilePay or SMS.

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The Finnish Game Foundation uses the funds raised to finance habitat works to prevent habitat loss and support game bird populations. Wetland restoration starts with a unified will of the landowners and a careful survey of the area to be restored. Read more about wetland restoration on the Sotka wetlands page!

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