Leväjänkkä, Tornio

Leväjänkkä in Tornio is a very extensive habitat site restored in the summer of 2022. Due to its location and characteristics, it is expected to have excellent potential as an important breeding and nursery habitat as well as a resting area, especially for pintail, widgeon and bean goose, but also for a wide range of other waterfowl and waders.

Through a joint project between the Finnish Game Foundation and Sotka Wetlands, the land use of the area will be modified to take advantage of the area’s natural tendencies and opportunities to promote game habitat and biodiversity.

On behalf of its landowners, the Leväjänkkä has been acquired specifically for wetland use to support the success of waterfowl in the area. Funds raised through the Foundation for the Leväjänkkä will be channelled as part of the wetland agreement with Sotka Wetlands to support the landowners’ co-payment. The funds raised will be used to purchase grass seed mixes and flowering sedge seed mixes for the wetland embankments, which will provide both food and shelter in the wetland. By donating, you directly support concrete nature conservation work!

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