Suomen Riista 45

Harto Lindén & Eero Helle:

Guest editorial: Lauri Siivonen – pioneer of Finnish wildlife research – in memoriam (1998)

Arto Marjakangas & Jerina Puhto:

Effects of supplemental winter feeding on the breeding success of female black grouse

Sami Kurki:

Effects of forest fragmentation on breeding success of grouse

Jan Porkert:

Black grouse and capercaillie hybrids as an indicator of environmental quality

Martti Hario, Tuula Hollmen, Mikael Kilpi, Jukka T. Lehtonen,
Olli Mustonen, Mats Westerbom & Markus Öst:

Are northern Baltic eiders food-limited?

Petri Nummi, Esa Pienmunne & Paula Haapanen:

Use of small artificial flowages as duck habitat management practice

Hannu Ylönen:

Voles under pressure of conspecific density fluctuation and predation pressure: implications for small game

Kaarina Kauhala, Paula Laukkanen & Inez von Rege:

Summer food composition of the raccoon dog, red fox and badger in Finland, with special reference to small game

Ilpo Kojola & Hanna-Mari Laitala:

Regional differences in brown bear population structure in Finland

Harto Lindén, Pekka Helle, Oili Vuorimies & Marcus Wikman:

Measuring and monitoring the diversity of wildlife with the aid of the Finnish wildlife triangle scheme

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