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In accordance with its objectives, the Finnish Game Foundation directs the funds raised to concrete habitat restoration and game management work and game research in various forms. Below you will find currently active fundraising projects and previous projects.

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Mareca penelope

Once abundant, the widgeon population has declined over the last few decades, with the decline of grazing livestock and the loss of traditional waterfront meadows. Favourable habitats are key to the success of one of the most important game ducks, both as breeding areas and as foraging grounds.

Bean goose

Taiga bean goose

Anser fabalis fabalis

The taiga bean goose, a subspecies of bean goose that breeds in Finland, nests in the vast northern bogs and marshes. Over the years, they have declined due to both significant mortality and habitat loss. The restoration of the lowlands, which are vital for the bean goose, will ensure a viable population in the future.

Northern pintail

Northern pintail

Anas acuta

Ninety-five per cent of the breeding pintails in the European Union breed in Finland. In Finland, pintails thrive in the northern lowlands and on the shores and archipelago of the Bothnian Sea. As is the case with many other waterfowl, the population of pintail has declined sharply in recent decades, probably due to changes in breeding habitats.