Suomen Riista 65

Pekka Helle:

Guest editorial: Suomen Riista towards the next decade

Mikaela Honkala & Petri Nummi:

First golden jackals observed in Finland

Kaarina Kauhala:

Impacts of food quality and climate change on
the growth, body condition and reproductive rate of Baltic grey seals

Leena Forsman, Jani Pellikka & Matti Kervinen:

Grouse hunting in Finland – how to collect cost-efficient survey data?

Kaarina Kauhala & Katja Holmala:

Impact of different factors, especially large carnivores, on beaver populations: hunters’ opinions and a literature review

Jani Pellikka & Mikko Rautiainen:

The affordances of the small-game hunting grounds for the physical exercise – the analysis of the daily distances walked

Veli-Matti Väänänen, Juho Kotilainen, Hannu Pöysä, Juho Matala & Mervi Kunnasranta:

A comparison between ground surveys and unmanned aircraft surveys for estimating production in ducks

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