Suomen Riista 57

Arto Marjakangas:
Guest editorial: The new spatial scales of game management

Saija Sirkiä & Harto Lindén: PDF
New understanding of broad spatial scales in capercaillie habitat research and management

Janne Miettinen: PDF
Capercaillie habitats in managed forests

Milla Niemi, Jani Pellikka, Eija Nylander & Pekka Korhonen:
Here today, gone tomorrow? Hunters’ adaptations to fluctuating grouse populations

Ilpo Kojola, Pekka Helle & Samuli Heikkinen:
Recent changes in wolf population in Finland based on various data sets

Jere Nieminen:
Viable coexistence of moose hunting and other outdoor recreational activities in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Kaarina Kauhala, Mervi Kunnasranta & Mia Valtonen: PDF
Diet of grey seals in Finland in 2001–2007 – a preliminary study

Veli-Matti Väänänen: PDF
Small colonial larids and waterfowl – the effect of gull colonies on waterfowl nesting in inland eutrophic wetlands

Sanna Aitto-oja & Petri Nummi:
Growing bird population and agriculture: the farmers’ experience of the agricultural damage caused by cranes Grus grus

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