Suomen Riista 50

Eero Helle:
Guest editorial: The future challenges of wildlife research in Finland

Martti Hario, Tuula Hollmen & Karl E. Selin:
Sex ratio and male role in common eiders in the northern breeding grounds

Timo Helle & Ilpo Kojola:
Population trend of semi-domesticated reindeer in Fennoscandia – evaluation of explanations

Erkki Korpimäki & Mikael Nordström:
Native predators, alien predators and the return of native top-predators: beneficial and detrimantal effects on small game?

Patrik Byholm:
Is grouse availability of importance for northern goshawk reproductive success?

Tuija Liukkonen, Pekka Helle, Osmo Rätti, Laura Kvist & Markku Orell:
Genetic structure of the capercaillie Tetrao urogallus population in Finland

Jukka Rintala & Juha Tiainen:
Population trends of spring hunted sea ducks in the southern Finnish archipelago, 1997-2004

Mikael Luoma:
Food selection of roe deer and damage caused to agriculture and forestry

Ilpo Kojola, Juha Kuittinen & Seppo Ronkainen:
Why wolf attacks dog?

Marja Isomursu, Pekka Helle & Osmo Rätti:
Intestinal helminths in Finnish grouse

Harto Lindén:
Nine jewels excavated from the old issues of Suomen Riista

Pekka Helle, Harto Lindén & Osmo Rätti:
Relationship between grouse density and hunting bag

Rauno Alatalo, Heli Siitari & Pekka T. Rintamäki:
The lek of the black grouse and the control of hunting

Esa Ranta, Pekka Helle & Harto Lindén:
Forty years of grouse monitoring in Finland

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