Suomen Riista 49

Ilpo Kojola:
Guest editorial: Large carnivores and man

Veli-Matti Väänänen & Petri Nummi:
Diet of sympatric dabbling ducks in eutrophic wetlands

Pirjo Koskinen, Lennart Saari, Petri Nummi & Jani Pellikka:

Population density and weather affect the breeding success of mute swan in southern Finland

Erkki Annila, Pekka Niemelä & Teuvo Levula:
Observations on winter feeding of capercaillie in fertilized Scots pine stands

Pekka Helle, Vladimir Belkin, Leo Bljudnik, Pjotr I. Danilov & Andrei Jakinov:
Changes in grouse populations in Finland and Russian Karelia during recent decades

Seppo Sulkava, Kauko Huhtala, Paavo Rajala & Risto Tornberg:
Prey selection by the golden eagle between tetraonid species and their sexes in Finland during 1957-1997

Janne Sundell:
Effect of least weasel predation on vole population dynamics

Kaarina Kauhala:
Rabies and the spatial ecology of red fox in Europe: a comparison with preminary results of the Finnish carnivore community

Jouni Kilpeläinen, Vesa Ruusila, Harto Lindén & Pekka Niemelä:
Effects of snow depth on moose snow tracks numbers and concentration

Ilpo Kojola, Tuire Nygrén, Mauri Pesonen & Vesa Ruusila:
What do observations by moose hunters tell about the occurrence of brown bear in Finland

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