Suomen Riista 48

Harto Lindén:

Guest editorial: How do grouse exprience forest

Kaarina Kauhala:

European badger – a social mustelid?

Martti Hario:

Mink predation on black guillemots at Söderskär in 1994-1999

Mikael Kilpi & Markus Öst:

The effect on white-tailed sea eagle predation on breedeng eider females of Tvärminne, Western Gulf of Finland

Harto Lindén:

The capercaillie – a focal species in landscape ecology at three different scales

Tuija Liukkonen-Anttila:

Adaptation of galliform birds to life in captivity: nutrional and genetic approach

Ahti Putaala:

Game rearing in Finland

Terhi Koskela & Tuire Nygrén:

Moose hunting clubs in Finland 1999

Jani Pellikka & Petri Nummi:

Evaluation of moose density in Finland using the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Jaakko Lumme, Minna Ruokonen, Tuija Liukkonen-Anttila:

DNA sequencing in population research: lesser white fronted goose and grey partridge as examples

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