Suomen Riista 44

Harto Lindén:

Guest editorial: Biodiversity cannot be increased artificiallly

Kaarina Kauhala:

The effects of introduced carnivores on native fauna in Finland: distribution history of the American mink and raccoon dog

Petri Nummi & Esa Pienmunne:

Success and effects of introduced wildlife in the Nordic countries

Juha Virtanen, Veli-Matti Väänänen, Petri Nummi, Teppo Jauhiainen & Esa Pienmunne:

A comparison of the survival of translocated wild and hand-reared pheasant hens

Juha Tiainen:

Organization of small cervid monitoring in Finland

Riku Lumiaro:

Attitude of Finns towards the wolf

Raimo Hissa, Juha Siekkinen & Esa Hohtola:

Physiology of the denning European brown bear Ursus arctos arctos

Paavo Voipio:

On colour phases of the red fox in nature: their taxonomic categorization and comparative genetics

Osmo Rätti, Tuula Hollmen & Pekka Helle

Parasites in Finnish grouse species

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